Linking people, process & technology

What is BPA?
Business Process Analysis (BPA) is the latest ‘acronym of the day’ to describe the class of tools designed to help customers better understand, and ultimately improve, how they implement the internal processes that fuel their business. BPR (business process reengineering), BPM (business process modeling), BPI (business process improvement) are other ingredients in the alphabet soup that analysts and vendors have used to coin the market. While the naming convention is not important – the role of these tools in today’s business environment is critical.

Business Process Analysis tools enable companies to use their operational efficiency and innovation as competitive assets. By better understanding how a company runs its business – it can then implement changes to optimize its processes and communicate those changes through the organization. The top Business Process Analysis solutions also incorporate ‘Enterprise Modeling’ elements – which integrate business processes with their supporting IT architecture and with other mission critical applications. In summary, BPA tools help companies to understand, improve, and communicate how they run their business.

Who is Casewise?
Casewise is a recognized leader in the BPA market. Founded in 1989, Casewise has helped thousands of business analysts, data modelers, and corporate planners to understand the impact of their process improvements and redesigns. Our mission is to offer the highest quality of products and services that will assist our customers in realizing competitive advantage by linking people, process, and technology.

Our flagship product, Corporate Modeler, has earned the praise of customers, analysts, and partners alike. It is a Windows-based solution that fully integrates business process analysis with enterprise modeling, connecting all the modeled objects in a common Shared Object Repository. The product was designed to be easy to use, enterprise-ready, and open.

Casewise targets industry sectors where companies are looking to optimize their internal processes in response to higher competition, deregulation, mergers and acquisitions, e-business transformation, and globalization. As a result, our customer-base consists of Fortune 1000 corporations that span all industries and market sectors, although we have enjoyed particular success in the Telecom, Finance/Banking, and Utilities verticals. Casewise has also developed a strong relationship with consultant companies who have combined industry-specific expertise with the power of the Casewise products. These partners include Deloitte and Touche, PricewaterhouseCoopers, CSC, Headstrong, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Symphoni, EDS and a host of smaller, regional consultancies.

Casewise is truly an international company with a global reach. Our European headquarters are in central Watford, near London and our North American headquarters are in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Casewise® Corporate ModelerTM
From vision to process

Our flagship product – Corporate Modeler – sits at the heart of successful projects as a communication and design tool. It is a multi user environment that enables project teams to visually model and understand an organization's business blueprint - its business processes, resources, data and systems; and then create and communicate detailed plans for change through Team based analysis. Although suitable for any initiative that involves process or enterprise analysis, Corporate Modeler has been proven to add great value in the following areas:

Business Process Improvement & Management

Corporate Modeler empowers your organization to improve performance by optimizing its (e -) business processes and supply chains. Project teams are able to collectively analyze operations in order to find and eliminate bottlenecks, then design and simulate possible improvements in a ‘risk-free’ environment. ‘Drilling-down’ enables analysis from high-level processes right down to individual job instructions, while automatic MS Word & HTML publication promotes on-going process management via on-line training and procedure manuals.
Enterprise Application Integration & Workflow

Any system integration initiative needs to focus on the ultimate goal of better, faster, and cheaper execution of business. In other words - better business processes. Corporate Modeler empowers you to analyze your organization’s business processes, resources, locations, data, applications and hardware – then position the systems to provide for the highest ROI. Interfaces between disparate applications can be designed through the product’s data modeling capabilities.
e-Business Transformation

The internet enables instant, straight-through, business processing. Moving your current business processes on-line is a little more complex. Corporate Modeler enables you to understand your current ‘back-end’ business processes, design your e-business services (how site visitors will access your services through your website/extranet), and then model the integration between the two. The product acts asa key communication tool for what is often a high profile and far reaching undertaking.
ERP & CRM Selection & Implementation

Major new systems need to support the business, not vice a versa. Corporate Modeler makes it easier for your project team to understand core business processes so that they can tailor new systems to support them. Links to technology vendors means process capture and systems configuration can occur within the same environment – eliminating discrepancies that often occur between the two.The tool also enables analysis of the ‘customer experience’, to build a model on which to base new CRM investment.
System Design

Corporate Modeler acts as a design and communication bridge between business and IT ensuring systems meet and exceed business requirements. The tool enables users to precisely capture and communicate process requirements - using a notation communicative enough for business users, yet powerful enough to capture real information. Then, through third- party interfaces, models may be transferred into leading code-generation tools to create systems. Data entities (and their associated attributes) can also be mapped onto process steps, then used in Entity Relationship diagrams to create database schemas.
ISO & Quality Management

Corporate Modeler will help you achieve ISO 9000 by automatically mapping and documenting processes in both hard-copy manuals and HTML format. But that is just the start of the benefits. Once your processes are modeled, Corporate Modeler becomes an ongoing process management solution - enabling you to continually analyze, improve and publish your processes to maintain a competitive edge.

Product architecture

Corporate Modeler allows users to capture, and analyze, their enterprise from multiple perspectives. It combines business process, resource, costs and data modeling

The Central Repository

The core of Corporate Modeler, the repository is a database of diagram objects, associated information and models. Once diagram objects are created, (resources, processes, data entities etc.) they are automatically stored into the repository for re-use on other diagrams.This provides an instant library of all your organizational component parts, and saves time re-creating or updating objects.

Modeling techniques

Hierarchy Modeler provides a logical starting point as it enables you to gain a broad overview of your organization. It allows you to map the foundations of your business, (its processes, resources, locations, technologies, applications, entities, etc.) at a high-level, then through analysis, find the scope of your particular project. This also populates the repository with objects for use in other modeling techniques.

Process Dynamics
Process Dynamics Modeler offers intuitive and communicative business notation to capture cross- functional business processes, e-processes and supply chains. Process Dynamics also allows you to map the flow of control through processes between trigger events and results/outputs. Organizations and/or locations can be shown as swim lanes, onto which the Dynamics objects can be placed. The Process Dynamics Modeler includes a built-in simulation engine that creates a safe‚ environment for the creating and visualizing ‘what-if?’ scenarios.

Generic Modeler supports the flexibility of free-form modeling, while retaining the information in the Central Repository. The diagrams are a graphical way of communicating concepts and business areas to different groups across the organization. Generic Modeler can help business, IT and financial users prepare any type of diagram, from Use Case diagrams to office plans.

Data Flow
Data Flow Modeler tracks the way information is shared in an organization. You can use the Data Flow Modeler to create a hierarchical set of data flow diagrams (DFDs) and to maintain information about objects modeled on the DFDs. Data Flow Modeler’s context diagrams show a process isolated on a page, with the information from data stores, external entities and other processes flowing into and out of it.

Entity Modeler creates a conceptual picture of your data structures, and allows you to select the information you need to store in your database, work out how each data element relates and then automatically generate a database schema for your chosen target environment.

Matrix Manager
Matrix Manager enables you to analyze the relationships between different parts of your organization. For example, it lets you analyze how many departments, locations and systems are involved in each business process, or see how many processes would be affected by changing a system. CRUD matrices also allow you to map data entities onto each process step.

Auto ModelerTM

Creates MS Word tables to gather process information
The Auto Modeler component of Corporate Modeler provides an effective and quick way to move large amounts of information into and out of Corporate Modeler's Central Repository. Bi-directional integration with MS Office facilitates a quick project start, as existing information stored in these applications can be collected and re-used.

Uploads completed tables to build process diagrams
Additional functionality includes:

  • Wizard-based approach to import and export of data, which gives users control over the scope of the data to download
  • Automatic creation of process models using content that is contained in pre-existing documents in applications such as Word and Excel
  • Support for rich text formatting
  • Publication of diagrams directly into PowerPoint
  • Questionnaire-based information gathering

  • Corporate PublisherTM

    Output from Corporate Publisher
    The information you store in your Corporate Modeler repository is most valuable when you can communicate and share it with others. Corporate Modeler’s wizard-based publishing enables you to seamlessly create your own corporate-style documentation in both MS Word and HTML format from the information contained in your business models, thus eliminating the need to cut-and-paste between different applications.

    Corporate Publisher generates formal procedural manuals complete with a table of contents, indented diagram lists, diagrams, object descriptions, organization and location reports, and cross-referenced indexes. HTML output enables models to be published directly onto an organization’s intranet. Users can access the published models via a Web browser and navigate their way around the model.

    Casewise Training & Consulting Services

    Casewise offers a full range of enabling consultancy, training, and support services for deploying our business process analysis solutions. From product training to customized business process strategy implementation - the objective is to make sure our customers realize the full potential of our products.

    The Gap

    Keeping up the pace requires your organization to continually develop its knowledge and skills, to develop practical understanding of how to redesign and restructure operations, and to learn how to effectively leverage effort and information across initiatives. The gap between the skills of current resources and the skills needed, in many cases, is widening.

    The Solution

    Casewise develops and delivers highly focused education and support programs and enabling consultancy services designed to assist your organization in narrowing the gap. Our programs blend core industry concepts and real understanding of business goals and objectives to provide staff and management with hard skills and practical solutions.

    The Casewise Edge

    With training and consulting services that span the range of today's business process challenges, Casewise offers the comprehensive education and support that you need to succeed.Whether you need skills in Corporate Modeler, process mapping and redesign, simulation analysis, ERP projects, enterprise model management, or other process-based areas, you'll experience quality education and consulting under the guidance of industry experts.

    A key aspect of Casewise quality training and consulting is that our instructors are experienced business analysts. Their depth of experience in process analysis and related projects gives your team a head start building integrated process modeling deliverables. As practitioners with excellent facilitation and communication skills, they effectively transfer the concepts and skills you need to successfully use Corporate Modeler in your project work.

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